Dedicated Laboratory and Research space
Our facility has been designed to accommodate integration of the research themes and synergy between researchers, and is divided into three spaces: 
  • a wet laboratory for analysis of samples, safe use of chemicals and 'dirty work'; 
  • a geomatics (dry lab) for digital analysis of landscape change over space and time; and 
  • dedicated office support space for graduate student researchers.
We have designed the facility to keep our research teams in close physical proximity, and provide a unique opportunity for training in the University of Regina’s Research and Innovation Centre.

Field and laboratory equipment available for researchers and students in our facility include:

Facilities on-campus available to our researchers and students include:
  • Walk-in cold storage for large samples
  • Isotopic ratio mass spectrometers
  • Gamma spectrometer 
  • Total in/organic carbon analyzer 
  • Liquid and gas chromatography
  • Epifluorescence microscopy

Most importantly, we have an enthusiasm and passion for our research!