Interested in joining our team?
We welcome inquiries! If you have a strong academic record and you are enthusiastic about understanding Canada's physical environment, please get in touch. Prior field experience is not required. We are currently seeking undergraduate Honours students interested in the following general topics: 
  • sediment transfer in alpine lakes of the Canadian Cordillera;
  • calibration of submerged remote sensing data with field measurements and microscopy;
  • the presence, and role, of organic material in sediment transport of alpine and prairie streams;
  • sedimentary processes contributing to development of lakes and floodplains;
  • the hydrology and geomorphology of southern Saskatchewan;
  • erosion, transport and/or deposition of sediment in Prairie systems 
For a detailed list of researchers affiliated with our laboratory, and their contact details, please see researchers. Inquiries about opportunities for undergraduate Honours students can be directed to:

 Kyle Hodder, 306-585-5127, or kyle.hodder  at 
Funding is available for undergraduate student research projects. 

Graduate student inquiries: I have had, and continue to have, tremendous pleasure in collaborating with several graduate students through our laboratory. I've been very fortunate to work with some of the most talented, and passionate, group of researchers in Canada. At this time, I am no longer accepting graduate student applications.