Members of our research team include:

Dr. Kyle Hodder - Director and Laboratory Manager
PhD (Queen's; Earth System Science)
Email: kyle.hodder at 
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Research interests: 
timing and properties of sediment transfer to, within and from lakes; the process-network of alpine, glacierized systems; Prairie hydrology; sediment flux in Prairie environments.

I am a former member of the Executive of the Canadian Geomorphology Research Group.

Dr. David Sauchyn
PhD (Waterloo)
Email: sauchyn at

Research Interests: 
hydroclimate of the past millennium, response of watersheds to climate variability and change, translation of climate change science for adaption decision making.


Dr. Joe Piwowar
PhD (Waterloo)
Email: joe.piwowar at

Research Interests: 
Remote sensing, geographic information systems, climate change impacts, northern mixed-grass prairie, Arctic sea ice.